How to Use Content To Stand Out From The Crowd

Content does much to help the reputation of a brand and its recognition as an authority within its niche. It provides answers to questions online users put forward and expands their knowledge. This ability to add value to online users is what search engines are looking for when evaluating content quality and determining ranking on SERPs.

However, tons of websites publish content daily on much of the same subject. To build authority requires that the content you create stands out. Being relevant, original, and unique will set you apart from the crowd, and help boost the outcome of your SEO efforts. So, besides the standard SEO practices that you can use to drive traffic and conversions, what can you do to exploit the content you create to make your brand more visible and appealing?

Add Visuals


While the information that your audience will be seeking is most likely to be contained within the written content, it still pays to add visuals. Not only does it help make your content look distinct from other similar offerings, but it is also a big aid to storytelling. People are more easily drawn to content that has visual components and will often retain this information longer.

You can take advantage of visuals like infographics, charts and diagrams to further emphasize key points. These visuals will also encourage link building as the content will have more value. Remember to only use visuals that tie into the written content. Also, ensure the formatting is correct and will display correctly on social feeds and mobile screens.

Engage in Discussions


Engagement with your audience or followers is a great way to boost traffic and shares. You can promote live sessions ahead of time through paid promotions, social media, and banners on your site. You can also send out notifications through email and social media to subscribers. Letting them know when you will be online and ready to answer their questions is a great way to promote interaction.

Your audience will appreciate the extra effort to engage with them, establishing your reputation as an accessible and responsive authority figure that is head and shoulders above the rest. You can use this opportunity to make presentations, host a webinar, and so on.

Respond to Comments

Not everything you publish will be received positively. From time to time it is to be expected that your work or opinions will come under criticism. Some may be undue, while others may be justified. Whichever way it goes, it is important to always make an effort to respond respectfully and constructively. If you have made a mistake there is no shame in admitting it and thanking those that pointed it out.

You will often see such responses appear in comment sections or reviews. Make a habit of monitoring these social conversations and respond as quickly as possible. Your audience will appreciate the effort made to restore and retain credibility. Take correction where you need to and stir healthy debate if you have doubts. You can also use the nature of responses to inspire future content as it may represent questions that the audience has been unable to find answers to yet online.

Those that ignore bad feedback put themselves at risk of leaving their reputation in the hands of the court of public opinion. Do learn to distinguish between legitimate responses and trolling. Remain focused on legitimate responses which will help give you more control over the narrative and how people think of you.

Make It Fun

Since there is an emphasis on adding value to online readers, many marketers tend to focus on creating detailed and complex content. However, while this may technically provide the answers sought, it does not make for much fun. It is a good idea to mix up the kind of content you share so that your followers or subscribers do not easily get bored.

If being serious and authoritative is what you want for your blog or website, then stick to those values. However, social media platforms offer an opportunity to become more playful and entertaining. Whether it is fun quizzes or witty memes, find a way to promote engagement with your audiences that will put a smile on their faces. Being fun and educational can go hand in hand with the right strategy. This will encourage your audience to more keenly follow your online activity and even share it with others.

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